In Sutter County, you’ll be able to use your smartphone to know when the bus is coming


Public transit services in our region are provided by Yuba-Sutter Transit, a joint local government authority originally formed by Sutter County, Yuba County, Marysville, and Yuba City in 1975. In 2017, Yuba-Sutter Transit’s fleet of 51 buses provided more than 1 million passenger trips on the local fixed route system, its downtown Sacramento fixed route system, Dial-A-Ride service, and the limited rural routes to Live Oak, Wheatland, and the Yuba County foothills.

This month, Yuba-Sutter Transit announced that the Yuba-Sutter Transit Board of Directors has approved a contract for a computerized dispatch and vehicle tracking system.  Funding for the system comes from a state Proposition 1B (1996) Transit Security Grant, and the system is expected to be fully operational sometime in the summer of 2019.

According to Yuba-Sutter Transit’s monthly newsletter, the  new system will enhance nearly every area of the operation. The most prominent feature for passengers will likely be the availability of real-time bus arrival information and service alerts from any internet connected device. No more calling the office or just staring down the street wondering when your bus will arrive – you will be able to check on it from any smart phone, tablet or computer!

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