In Sutter County, download an app to receive emergency notifications on your phone


Sutter County recently purchased a mass emergency notification system, Code Red, that will be used for emergency notifications in every city and unincorporated area of the county. It is the same robust system used by our emergency management partners in Yuba County, Butte County, and Nevada County.

While every hard landline telephone in Live Oak, Yuba City, and the rest of Sutter County will be entered into the system automatically, you will need to take at least one of the following actions to receive text or voice messages on your cell phone:

  1. You can register your cell phone, and others in your household, and connect it to your home address to receive emergency notifications specific to your neighborhood, city, or region; and/or
  2. You can download an app for your smartphone to receive notifications of emergencies wherever you are located in Sutter, Yuba, Butte, or Nevada counties.

You will need to register your cell phone with Code Red even if you previously registered your cell phone to receive emergency notifications from Sutter County. Sutter County no longer utilizes the Nixle platform for emergency notifications.