In Sutter County, finding out online where you can vote in-person

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Ballots can be filled out at your precinct, dropped in the mail by end of business today, dropped off at the county at Elections Department, or dropped in this official ballot drop box in front of the Elections Office up until 8 p.m. tomorrow ( 1435 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City).

Not sure where you vote tomorrow? In Sutter County, there’s an app for that.

Type in your address and it will tell you where your voting place is.

The last day to register to vote was 15 days before the election. If you didn’t register to vote in time for tomorrow’s California primary election, you can get registered online right now for the November 6 general election, when the governorship will be decided.

Register here:

For more general information about voting, and specific information about voting in Sutter County, visit the Sutter County Elections page: