In Sutter County, tribute to river guide Jimmy Zanocco erected at Feather River

Friends of the late river guide Jimmy Zanocco raised a monument in his memory Saturday along the Feather River south of Yuba City. With some extraordinary coordination, two large lifts were dispatched to the east bank of the Feather River and the monument was welded atop one corner of a large metal base that previously was the foundation for a high-voltage transmission tower that had been removed.

Zanocco, who was born in Marysville in 1951, and graduated from Yuba City High School, started his commercial fishing guide business in 1973, one of the very first in the region. His son, Aaron, who followed his father into the business, was on the Feather River Saturday during a striped bass fishing derby when friends in other boats began texting him pictures of the monument. Until then, he had no idea…

Jimmy Zanocco became a mentor to many of the fishing guides who work the Feather, Yuba, and Sacramento rivers. The lengths people went to remember him on the Feather River is a testament to both Mr. Zanocco’s temperament and his time on the river.

Fourth District Supervisor Jim Whiteaker coordinated the placement of the monument, which was created and welded into place by Steve Overton of MKM Manufacturing. Jerome Circo and George Pappas, longtime fishing mates of Jimmy Zanocco, were taking pictures of the placement from a boat in the Feather River.