From Sutter County to The Show: Baseball’s Max Stassi Remains True to Home

max with president
Yuba City’s Max Stassi was among the Houston Astros players who met with President Donald Trump during a ceremony honoring the World Champion Houston Astros. Stassi was on the Astros’ 40-man roster last year, played in a handful of games, and, although he was not on the World Series roster, earned a visit to the White House, a share of the World Series winnings, and a World Series championship ring. More importantly, this year he made the 25-man roster and is making an impact on the field.

Although Yuba City High School baseball star Max Stassi is playing in his fifth season with the Houston Astros, this is the first year he started the year on the team’s 25-man roster. After starting three games in the first week, he is batting close to .400, has one home run, and five runs batted in. He’s making a bid to stick round for the entire year.

Max hit two home runs in the first week of spring training, and his performance in the first week of the regular season is catching a lot of attention. One of the Astros announcers has started to call him Maxwell, after the character in the Beatle’s song, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. He says Max has a lot of thunder in his bat.

Max doesn’t let all the early season success go to his head. His Twitter feed didn’t even mention this three-run homer yesterday in Houston to make the difference in a 4-1 win over San Diego:

Instead, his twitter cover photo is, well: take a look for yourself. Max remains very proud of his home town. His home town feels the same way….

He’s a catcher for the World Champion Houston Astros, and Max Stassi’s Twitter cover photo is the Yuba City welcome sign.