In Sutter County, almost 8 percent of work force take advantage of early retirement incentives

On Wednesday, April 4, co-workers held a goodbye party for five members of the Assessor’s Office who are retiring this year. According to the Human Resources Department, 78 of County’s 1,010 allocated regular employees filed paperwork to take advantage of an early retirement incentive, including (left to right) Sandy Freauff, Manjit Dulai, Steve Perry, Amy Regalia-Korhummel, and (front) Becky Stamps.  Combined they have more than 110 years of County service.

Cake, punch, laughter, melancholy. Awkward goodbyes. That was the scene at a retirement party for five from the Sutter County Assessor’s Office Wednesday afternoon. Sandy Freauff, Manjit Dulai, Steve Perry, Amy Regalia-Korhummel, and Becky Stamps all retire this week, after more than 110 combined years of County service.

This scene has been playing out with some frequency as 78 Sutter County employees have filed paperwork to take advantage of an early retirement incentive negotiated into the collective bargaining agreement. The window for filing to take advantage of the incentive ended Friday.

The number of retirements in the program equals just less than eight percent of the regular employee work force. (Sutter County has 1010 regular employees). Employees who retire under the incentive program will receive $1,000 for each full year of service, up to a maximum of $25,000. Department heads in impacted departments will evaluate whether all positions will need to be filled or whether appropriate levels of service can be achieved through reorganization. Financial savings will be achieved. New hires start at a lower pay scale and will receive smaller pension payments in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

Congratulations and best wishes to all who are retiring from Sutter County service.