A conversation has begun in Sutter County about education and economic development

page1higheredA Sutter County Supervisor’s editorial submission to The Appeal-Democrat has started a conversation about the role education plays in economic development. Just before Thanksgiving, the Appeal-Democrat ran Supervisor Dan Flores’ editorial on how Sutter County could land some large employer like an Amazon.

This morning, the newspaper did a follow up article, focusing on one of the points in the opinion piece: that employers want to go where there are qualified workers, and one challenge here is educational attainment. This is an important discussion. Here’s a link to the online article: http://www.appeal-democrat.com/news/higher-education-is-the-key-to-the-future-for-sutter/article_c1cb2624-de47-11e7-9012-cb0a315aad8d.html

And you can read Supervisor Flores’ original editorial here: http://www.appeal-democrat.com/opinion/guest-view-landing-an-amazon-not-out-of-the-question/article_b80deb1e-cf31-11e7-8def-93c588bcf188.html