Sutter County Health & Human Services functions consolidating at 850 Gray Avenue

The exterior of 850 Gray Avenue, Yuba City. In addition to remodeling the interior to accommodate Health and Human Service’s various departments and functions, plans are to spruce up the exterior and the parking area to make the facility visually appealing.

Half of the employees of the County of Sutter work in Health and Human Services functions: Behavioral Health Services,  Public Health, and Welfare (functions that include Medicaid eligibility, supplemental nutritional programs, and child protection and adult protection services). Most of these functions are supported with federal and state funds, not the local General Funds that we use to hire deputies, firefighters, code enforcement officers, and administrative personnel.

Currently, these employees are spread out over 23 different county locations. Consolidating these employees in one location will save time and money and improve service delivery. It will also be more convenient for the thousands who use these programs to come to one location.

That’s why the Board of Supervisors in June approved the long term lease of property formerly occupied by a retail establish at 850 Gray Avenue in Yuba City, where Health and Human Services functions will be consolidated. The Board also approved hiring an architectural firm to ensure that the interior of the 85,000 square foot facility, the building’s exterior, and the large parking lot area are designed to be efficient and visually appealing. If things go right, the consolidation could occur within 12 months.

The interior of 850 Gray Avenue is 85,000 square feet.

The 850 Gray Avenue project is part of an overall plan to consolidate all county functions, which are currently in 23 different facilities throughout Yuba City. The consolidation effort will decrease costs in the long haul, and improve services to the public by making it easier to do business with the County.

This map indicates the location of the future home of the Health and Human Services Department in relationship to the intersection of Colusa and Gray avenues.