800 turkeys distributed in Sutter County to organizations that fill need


Among the groups receiving turkeys was Mobile Meal Ministries, which feeds the homeless where they encounter them as they drive through the streets of Yuba-Sutter.

Golden State Water Company, which provides water to more than 70 California communities, has been partnering with Sutter County for more than 10 years to distribute turkeys at Thanksgiving. To date, they have donated more than 5,000 turkeys in this area alone.

This morning, 800 frozen turkeys were loaded into vehicles by members of the Sutter County Board of Supervisors and distributed to more than 20 different organizations that provide meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas to those who may not be able to afford those meals themselves.

It has become a Thanksgiving tradition: County Supervisors, usually accompanied by the area’s Assemblyman (James Gallagher), and the area’s State Senator (Jim Nielsen), pass out turkeys to organizations they have identified that help people in need.

Among the organizations receiving turkeys today were River Bottoms Ministry and Mobile Meal Ministries, which supply food for the homeless; Yuba-Sutter United Way, which collected more than 540 turkeys in a weeks long drive; Live Oak Lions Club; Early Risers Kiwanis; Sutter Lions Club; Alliance for Hispanic Advancement; the Marysville Rescue Mission; the Yuba-Sutter Food Bank; and several church groups.

County Supervisors (left to right) Jim Whiteaker, Mat Conant, and Dan Flores load frozen turkeys into the back of a pickup truck for the Live Oak Lions Club.
County Supervisors Jim Whiteaker, Dan Flores, Ron Sullenger, and Mat Conant today joined Assemblyman James Gallagher, State Senator Jim Nielsen, and representatives from the Golden State Water Company to distribute 800 turkeys to organizations feeding those in need this holiday season.