Sutter County Public Health takes part in emergency exercise

Sutter County Public Health Officer Dr. Lou Ann Cummings and Sutter County Public Health Epidemiologist Robert Herrick discuss the procedures for filling a request for resources as part of a statewide Public Health Emergency Exercise this morning.  

Sutter County Public Health staff participated this morning in a statewide Public Health Emergency Exercise by establishing a Department Operations Center in support of the response to a “terrorist scenario” involving Rideout Regional Medical Center.

In Public Health emergencies, Public Health staff will coordinate the identifying, gathering and disbursement of resources needed to address the emergency, as well as issue Public Health notices and other information to the general public through press releases and Social Media.

If Rideout Regional Medical Center were impacted by a disaster–whether it occurred at the hospital or the hospital were over-run with trauma patients–and could not treat all trauma patients, Sutter County Public Health would help identify other medical facilities that could treat trauma patients during the emergency. Other resource needs might be hospital beds, tents, nurses, ambulances, etc.

The California Department of Public Health conducts annual emergency exercises, and local scenarios are developed to keep the training realistic.