Who are the homeless in Sutter County? Here are the answers…

Who are the homeless in Sutter County? The Sutter County Public Health Department has some of the answers, based on surveys and other outreach they have been conducting for the past year.

On October 24, Epidemiologist Robert Herrick and Homeless Project Specialist Ymelda Mendoza-Flores made a presentation to the Board of Supervisors. Their presentation was part of a broader presentation on the background, legal ramifications, and recommendations on how to manage the homeless situation in Sutter County. It stands alone for the value of the information, so we’ve culled it from the Board of Supervisors video and posted it to YouTube so you can view and share. You can click on the YouTube video above to watch the presentation.

The issue of homelessness and strategies for identifying a location for a homeless shelter are expected to be on the November 7 Board of Supervisors agenda. The Board meets at 3 p.m. at the Hall of Records at Second and B streets, Yuba City.