Tonight! Yuba City Hall hosts Sikh cultural awareness event, including turban demonstration


The public is encouraged to attend a Sikh Awareness Outreach event being conducted at Yuba City Hall, 1201 Civic Center Boulevard, beginning at 5 p.m. today. The free event will include a turban demonstration, traditional Punjabi food, music, and Sikh cultural awareness presentations.

Like Sikhs in other parts of the United States, Sutter County’s substantial Sikh community is subject to discrimination, intimidation, harassment, and hate crimes since the 9/11 attacks, largely because of a collective misunderstanding of what the turban means in the Sikh faith. Sikhs wear the turban to show their willingness to serve others in the community, and their commitment to equality for all people. Of those who wear turbans in the United States, it is estimated that as much as 99 percent are of the Sikh faith.

Yuba City Mayor Stanley Cleveland said the event will allow residents the opportunity to better understand, recognize, and appreciate the rich history and shared experience of Sikh Americans.