Yuba Community College celebrates nine decades of educational excellence

Sutter County Second District Supervisor Dan Flores (left) and Fifth District Supervisor Mat Conant (right) were on hand Wednesday, September 13, when Yuba College celebrated its 90th anniversary. The supervisors presented College President  G.H. Javaheripour, Ed. D., with a framed document recognizing Yuba Community College District as the first ever formed in California.

Sutter County Supervisors Dan Flores and Mat Conant represented the County at an event today marking the 90th anniversary of the founding of Yuba College.

Community colleges play a vital role in workforce development, and California’s is the largest community college system in the nation. The Yuba College Community District was the first in the state of California.

To mark the occasion, Sutter County prepared a special framed document honoring the legacy of Yuba College. Sutter County is proud of the Sutter County campus opened by Yuba College in 2012. The campus is located in north Yuba City just off Highway 99.

Here’s the document: