Time running out for fix to a bad bill for California counties


Sutter County has joined with almost every other California county in opposing Assembly Bill 1250, which would restrict our ability to contract with non-profit agencies and private companies to provide certain services. This week in the California Senate, AB 1250 was moved from the Appropriations Suspense File to the Senate Rules Committee.  A number of Senators on the Appropriations Committee spoke on the bill expressing concerns with infringing on county service delivery, but also indicating support for labor and their supposed intent to ensure contracting out is done in a manner that is transparent and cost effective.

It was also their stated intent to bring organized labor and counties together to discuss potential amendments.  A number of Senators focused their comments on the impact to non-profits and social and health care service delivery to the public.

Time is obviously short to fix AB 1250 with less than two weeks remaining in the legislative session and the 72 hour in print rule that would preclude a vote on the bill unless amendments were decided by Tuesday, September 12th.

It is unclear how agreement will be reached considering the significant problems with AB 1250 even with the expected amendments.